What is Kombucha?

Kombucha (also known as DiVine Tsche or the Tea of Immortality) is a fermented, lightly effervescent black or green tea that is commonly touted for it's numerous health benefits.  Kombucha is produced by fermenting tea using a "symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast" (SCOBY), resulting in a delicious, nutritious, fizzy and up-lifting drink that is full of beneficial probiotic bacteria that aid in digestion and boost the immune system.  It also contains enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids, organic acids, B & C Vitamins, and polyphenols.


  • Probiotic
  • Energizing
  • Detoxifying
  • Immune Boosting
  • Protects against free radical damage
  • Balancing
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Improves Digestion



For those who prefer a little less fizz in their booch.  Just the bare bones goodness packed into every bottle.  A balance of lightly sweet, slightly sour and acidic.  Great for overall health and well-being, and most beneficial for stomach / gut health, as the nutrients and PH help to restore balance in our digestive systems.

Price:  $5 per 500 mL bottle.  Includes $1 bottle deposit.




With 100% pure, Organic Blueberry Juice, not from concentrate.  Blueberry juice, with its powerful anti-oxidants, can help improve digestive and urinary health, improve cognition and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Price:  $5 per 500 mL bottle.  Includes $1 bottle deposit.




With 100% pure Ginger Juice.  Ginger is one of the most powerful spices in the world and has been highly prized for its medicinal and therapeutic qualities.  In Ayurveda, it has been regarded as the healing spice that can prevent motion or air sickness, improve digestion and reduce joint pain.

Price:  $5 per 500 mL bottle.  Includes $1 bottle deposit.




Packed with Vitamin C and known for its therapeutic properties, lemon juice can help to strengthen your immune system, cleanse your stomach, and is considered to be a blood purifier.  As a refreshing drink, lemonade helps you to stay calm and cool.

Price:  $5 per 500 mL bottle.  Includes $1 bottle deposit.





With 100% pure, Organic Grape Juice, not from concentrate.  Grape Juice contains polyphenols which may play a role in supporting a healthy heart by promoting healthy circulation, keeping blood pumping and energy flowing.

 Price:  $5 per 500 mL bottle.  Includes $1 bottle deposit.



Black Cherry

With 100% pure, Organic Black Cherry Juice, not from concentrate.  Black Cherry Juice supplies a good source of vitamins, provides powerful antioxidants and helps reduce inflammation.  It may also be used for kidney support and joint health, to treat gout, and as a sleep aid.

Price:  $5 per 500 mL bottle.  Includes $1 bottle deposit.


More flavors to come...


In the interest of recycling and sustainability, we utilize a kombucha bottle return program to cut down waste and help reduce our carbon footprint. Sterilizing and reusing bottles virtually eliminates waste and cuts down on the resources used in traditional recycling programs.  When you return your clean, de-labeled kombucha bottle to our store, you receive $1 cash back or a $1 credit toward your next purchase.