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“I have been a customer of Divine Wines for several years now and I must say my husband and I have been very pleased with the products sold at Divine Wines. We have purchased some top of the line wines, but also some medium range wines and have been very satisfied. We have bottled both white and red wines and have found Trevor's knowledge of his products to be excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend Divine Wines to anyone interested in making their own wine. The wine kits sold at Divine Wines are consistently good year after year. Thank you Trevor!”

– Joanne & Perry Spencer, St. Stephen, NB.

“What can I say? “Just great!” Great service, great employees, great advice, great price, and most important, great wine. The wine tastes so much better than wine I’ve bought. And the homemade wine has never left me with any headaches. I cannot recommend it enough. What a nice feeling of satisfaction I receive when I make my own wine. I have recommended it to everybody. Try it; you won’t be disappointed.”

– Wayne Townsend, Waweig, NB

“A friend introduced us to DiVine Wines about a year ago. Since that time we have gotten to know Trevor and his staff and found them to be both friendly and knowledgeable. Upon their recommendation we have tried several of the wine kits in a mix of price ranges and found them all to be excellent wines at a great bargain. Being from Maine we have people ask if we are paying too much for the wine. “Couldn't we get cheaper wine in Maine?” The answer is "yes we could," but it wouldn't be as good a quality or selection. We look forward to going to DiVine Wines to bottle and visit with Trevor and staff. It's a fun time with good people.”

– Rob & Pat Derry, Eastport, Maine

“Divine Wine has turned me into a "lover of wines". What a great gift idea especially being able to personalize your bottles with a great variety of labels.......kind of makes you feel like you "own your own winery.”

– Ken and Lynn Kelley, St. Stephen, NB

“Divine Wines is an amazing place to discover your wine preferences. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful. Choosing the wines that best suite your taste is easily discovered as the staff presents you their selection and explains the many red, white and blush varieties available. They walk you through the wine making process where a great time is had by all. The wine essentials are all there and the equipment makes the wine making project an easy and fun one. Once you make your first batch, you'll return regularly! It has become a social outlet for all of my closest friends.”

– Heather Henry, Calais, Maine.

“We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your wine-making facility. We have always found Trevor and his staff helpful, considerate and very approachable. They have a great sense of humour, and sometimes they need this when dealing with us. Especially when my wife accidentally tried to force two corks into one wine bottle! It didn't work!!! The store premises we have always found to be immaculate, which is a very important consideration when producing wine. We have been most satisfied with the products we have tried and are impressed with the wealth of knowledge and information available. Keep up the good work!!!!”

– David & Barbara, St. Stephen, NB

“I was first introduced to DiVine Wines when two friends of mine offered me the opportunity to split a batch of wine. I carefully washed and saved my 10 bottles and joined them as we bottled our wine. We had such a great time bottling, corking, and labeling our wines. It was truly a fun event. Since that experience, I'm hooked and, as you know, have made several more batches. Each time I still enjoy the bottling process. The way you have your shop set up makes it an easy and fun process! Thanks!”

– Marianne Moore, Calais Maine.

“We recently moved to St. Andrews. As a welcoming gift, our neighbours gave us a bottle of wine that they made at DiVine Wines. We were so impressed that we went to DiVine Wines to start some wine for ourselves. That’s when we discovered that they offer Beer Kits made on-premise too. So we decided to try some beer as well. We chose the Blonde Lager and the Brown Ale. After two weeks, they were ready for bottling. We let them sit for two more weeks, then tried some of each. They were both incredibly rich, flavourful and refreshing. Now we are working on a third batch, the Continental Pilsner. DiVine Wines is just a treasure. Trevor and his staff make everything fun and easy. The quality is amazing and it is all so affordable. I used to work for a winery, but I never thought I could make such good wine so easily. And now we can make our own beer, too. Our only problem? Should we have wine or beer tonight!”

– Michael O’Keefe and Holly Petrie, St. Andrews, NB

“We just moved from NB to North Carolina, but we couldn't leave our Divine Wine behind. So we rented a trailer and moved 24 cases with us! True story and now we have a couple of cases with us in Mexico. By the way, we checked with US Customs before moving and they said they don't care about wine because the duty is so low.”

– Mike and Holly #2 (North Carolina)

“Thank you again for all your help. Already 'liked' your Facebook page. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to help me get everything I needed. You will definitely see me again! Two batches are already back in progress. Thank you and I will gladly spread the word about your fantastic shop!”

– Carolyn Gildart, Beals ME

“Dear Trevor, I tried the Continental Pilsner on Friday night. I first poured it into a glass without swirling and then, per your suggestion, I gently swirled the bottle to combine the sediment for a creamy beer, it is excellent both ways. Albeit, the creamy style was outstanding. The robust flavour off the hops was a truly enjoyable, refreshing beer lover’s experience. I will never fear sediment again! Thank you so much for your great advice.”

– Allen Phillips, St. Stephen, NB

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