7th Anniversary!

May, 2013

7th Anniversary Special.

Dear %displayname%,

May 16, 2013 marks our seventh year in business!  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued patronage and acknowledge that without your support, my business would not be what it is today.  I look forward to serving you with all your wine, beer, cider making and pure water needs for many years to come.    


Trevor Jordan (Owner / Passionate Winemaker)

7th Anniversary Special

Lucky 7’s Card Draw

For our anniversary, we want to offer our valued customers something extra special.  Visit our shop during the week of May 13th to 18th and take part in our “Lucky 7’s Card Draw” for discounts off your favorite Wine, Beer and Cider Kits. 

Simply shop all of our regular priced Wine, Beer or Cider kits, and then draw 3 cards from our deck to build your hand for a discount.

Save  7% to 77% OFF your favorite kits!

Similar to the card game 31, all face cards are worth 10%, Aces are worth 11%, and all number cards are at face value.  Three of a kind is worth 30%, but here’s the twist: three 7’s are worth 77% OFF your Wine, Beer or Cider Kit purchase.  

It’s that simple and the potential savings are HUGE!  So the question is: “are you feeling lucky?”


1) Customer must be present to draw cards for their discount. 

2) Orders reserved by phone or email during this promotional period will be given a 15% discount across the board on all kits reserved. 

3) Customers making multiple kit purchases can opt to draw 3 cards once for the entire purchase, or once for each individual kit.

4) Discount applies to Wine, Beer and Cider Kits only.  Regular on-premise fee will be applied to all kits being made in our store.

5) Contest will run Monday, May 13th through Saturday May 18th.

6) Rainchecks will be available for out of stock items.

7) Pre-ordered Limited Edition and Seasonal Specialty kits are exempt from this promotion.

GOOD LUCK!  And as always, feel free to share this email with all your Wine, Beer and Cider loving friends.

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