August Newsletter

August, 2010

August Specials

International Summer Wine Celebration 

Fall Seasonal Products

Barons Lime Lager 

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Welcome to August.  What a wonderful summer we’ve been having so far.  It’s hard to believe that there are only a few short weeks left and like it or not, Fall and Winter are on their way.  Now is the ideal time to be making your favorite wines for the colder days ahead, and before you know it, you’ll be cozying up to the fire place with a warm blanket, a good book and a nice glass of wine.



Trevor Jordan (Owner)

August Specials

The following varieties are currently $10.00 OFF.

VINTNERS RESERVE Coastal Red and Coastal White.  Reg. $79.95 take home, $149.99 in-store.  Now $69.95 take home, $139.99 in store. 

Offer expires July 31/10.

International Summer Wine Celebration

Our International Summer Wine celebration continues with August being Australian Month.  Until August 31, take 10% OFF or Buy One / Get One 25% OFF the following varieties from Australia:

WORLD VINEYARD Australian Chardonnay, Australian Riverland Reserve, and Australian Shiraz. (reg. $89.95 take home, $159.99 in-store)

SELECTION INTERNATIONAL Australian Chardonnay, Australian Murray River Reserve, Australian Traminer/Riesling, Australian Cabernet Sauvignon, Australian Cabernet/Shiraz, Australian Grenache/Shiraz/Mourvedre, and Australian Shiraz. (reg. $129.95 take home, $199.99 in-store)

SELECTION ESTATE South Australian Single Vineyard Shiraz.  (reg. $179.95 take home, $249.99 in-store)

Fall Seasonal Products

This year we are pleased to announce our first value brand limited time offering. 

World Vineyard Chilean Carmenère/Malbec

Chile’s signature grape, Carmenère brings dark cherry, chocolate and tobacco, while Malbec gives black fruits, red berries, spice and great structure, all leading to a lush toasty-smoky finish.

World Vineyard Argentine Chardonnay/Torrontes

Argentina’s greatest white grape, Torrontes has enticing aromas of peach and orange blossoms, citrus and white fruit, complimenting Chardonnay’s tropical fruit and green apple notes to a mouthfiling finish.

Each 10 litre wine kit will include a package of 30 clear, self-adhesive vinyl bottle labels.  Since these are seasonal releases, there will only be a limited quantity of each variety produced.  Pre-ordering is strongly recommended to ensure availability.  Pre-order deadline is September 7th.  Price per kit is $89.95 take home, $159.99 made in store.  Click HERE for more info on these two value brand seasonal release wine kits.

Barons Lime Lager 

One word sums up our new Barons Lime Lager  beer kits.  WOW!  This stuff really tastes great.  Several customers have tasted it and they all say the same thing.  “I can’t believe it’s homemade!”

Honestly, If you like Bud Lite Lime or Moose Lite Lime, you’re gonna love our Barons Lime Lager.  Nothing refreshes better on a hot Summer day (or nite). 

If you’re a home winemaker and are still buying overpriced beer at the liquor store, you really should consider making your own beer at home too.  Each beer kit yields 23 liters (6 US Gal.) or 66 bottles of Premium Beer in only four weeks.  And it’s so easy.  Simply follow the directions supplied with each kit and you’re on your way.  And as with all our products, our beer kits are all backed by a 100% quality assurance guarantee.  So what are you waiting for?  Stop paying high commercial beer prices and start making your own craft-brewed quality beer at home for a fraction of the cost today. 

*Barons Lime Lager is available for a limited time only.  $34.95 per kit.