Czech Pilsner is Here!

January 31/2012

Czech Pilsner Is Here!

Czech Pilsner Is Here!

So sorry for the delay, but good things come to those who wait and Festa Brew’s Seasonal Release Czech Pilsner has finally arrived.  If you pre-ordered one or more of these special beer worts, stop by any time to pick it up or to get it started in our store. 

For those who didn’t pre-order, we have a few extras on hand.  They won’t hang around long though.  Give us a call @ (506) 465-8466 or email if you’d like to reserve one.  Here’s the specs:

Festa Brew Czech Pilsner

This was one of the most popular Festa Brew Seasonal Release products in the past.  This wort is brewed in the classic style, using the highest quality European malts.  Saaz hops are used for flavour and aroma.  They add floral notes to the rich, complex bouquet and rounded, balanced after taste.  If you are into hoppy Pilsners, you will absolutely love this beer! 

Available in limited supply.  Don’t be disappointed!  These special beer worts will sell out fast, so get your orders in now and remember to order enough for your summer requirements.

Regular price: $39.99 take home, $74.99 made in store (bottles extra).

Product Specifications: 23L / 6 gal Pasteurized Brewers Wort.  SG:1.048; FG:1.010-1.012; alc./vol:4.5%; Bitterness:40 IBU.

Commercial Examples: Pilsner Urquell, Budweiser Budvar (Czechvar), Czech Rebel, Staropramen, Gambrinus Pilsner.