Gluten Free Beer Now Available At DiVine Wines

September, 2015

Gluten Free Beer Anyone?

Gluten Free Beer Anyone?



Many people love beer but can’t drink it because of the gluten.

White Labs has discovered an enzyme that breaks gluten down to less than 10 ppm (The recognized international standard for “Gluten Free” is 20 ppm.) Now people who have had to give up beer can once again enjoy their favorite microbrew.

Just add a vial of Clarity Ferm to ANY beer with the yeast when you brew.  The best part is that it doesn’t have any effect on the flavour.

It might sound too good to be true but this product is legit.

Here’s what one famous expert had to report:

“I brewed a batch of beer called Slithy Tove Pale Ale (which included 10% malted wheat) to which I added Clarity Ferm at the beginning of fermentation.  The beer was tested by a professional laboratory.  The results came back indicating that the gluten content in my batch was “less than 5 ppm.”. This level of gluten may be tolerated by Celiac patients.  Every other aspect of beer character, flavor, appearance aroma, etc. was outstanding and identical to a beer brewed without the enzyme.”

-Charlie Papazian (Author Complete Joy of Home Brewing)

For more info from White Labs and Clarity Ferm, Click Here.

Price: $7.99 per vial (one vial per 23L batch).

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