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January, 2011

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Dear %displayname%,

Welcome to 2011!  We appreciate your past patronage and look forward to serving you with all your winemaking needs for many years to come. 


Trevor Jordan (Owner / Passionate Winemaker)

January Specials 

The following varieties are currently $10.00 OFF.

VINTNERS RESERVE  Vieux Chateau du Roi and Piesporter Style.  Reg. $79.95 take home, $149.99 in- store.  Now $69.95 take home, $139.99 in store. 

WORLD VINEYARD Spanish Tempranillo and French Sauvignon Blanc.  Reg. $89.95 take home, $159.99 in-store.  Now $79.95 take home, $149.99 in-store.

Offer expires January 31/11. 

Selection Limited Edition

The first two of this year’s Selection Limited Edition wine kits have finally arrived at our store. Australian Shiraz / Viognier and Pacifica White.  If you pre-ordered either of these wine kits, you may stop by any time to pick up or get them started in our store.

Here is the technical information for these first two varieties:
Australian Shiraz Viognier
Sweetness Code:      0
Alcohol:          12.5-13%
Oak:             120g French
Yeast:             EC1118
Body:             5 – Full

Pacifica White
Sweetness Code:      1
Alcohol:          11.5-12%
Oak:             None
Yeast:             EC1118
Body:             4 – Medium-Full

Selection Limited Edition Series features a strictly limited number of outstanding wine kits released on an annual basis. Announced each Fall, specific wines are offered each month from January through April in the following year. These unique and intriguing wines are available only during their month of release. 

Price per Limited Edition wine kit is $129.95 take home, $199.99 made in store.  In store price includes: wine kit, storage fee, synthetic corks, decorative shrink caps, purified water, filtering, bottle sanitizing and all applicable taxes.  Bottles, if required may be purchased at an additional cost.


Take 20% OFF any regular priced, regular stocked wine kit on the same day that you purchase and mix your Limited Edition wines in our store.  That’s an additional savings of $13 to $32 on your order.  Click HERE to view all regular stocked wine kits available.

Buy Local and win! 

A chance to win a $20.00 gift certificate every week!

Please join us in supporting local Charlotte County Business by signing up for a free weekly eflyer from local merchants offering specials to you.  Your email entry automatically makes you eligible for a weekly $20.00 gift certificate.  Join now, support local business and win. www.buylocalcharlottecounty.ca

A special $150.00 Valentines Day Gift Certificate will be awarded to one lucky subscriber in February.  GOOD LUCK!

Pure Water Refills

Did you know that DiVine Wines offers pure water refills too?  At DiVine Wines, pure water is essential in producing wines of the utmost quality.  Our water goes through 5 stages of purification, including reverse osmosis, carbon filtration and ultraviolet light treatment to ensure the best quality drinking water for you. 

18.9 Liter pure water refills only $2.50 each.  Purchase a pre-paid water punch card and save even more.  As always, we offer FREE water bottle sanitizing upon request and we’ll even carry those heavy woter bottles to your car if needed.

On-site Reverse Osmosis water treatment system provided by the Water Experts at Culligan. 

Tip of the Month

What constitutes a defect bottle of wine?

There are essentially four things that constitute defects in a bottle of wine such that you should send it back:

A wine is said to be corked when it has come in contact with a contaminated cork during the aging process. The results of this contamination are almost always unmistakable: The wine will smell like a wet basement after a flood or dirty socks left in the hamper a little too long: moldy, nasty and not at all enticing to the taster. On the palate, it will be astringent, lacking in fruit, with a raspy finish. Sometimes you may even notice a paint-thinner quality.

Oxygen is wine’s invisible enemy, and when a wine gets exposed to air, it becomes “oxidized.” The result is flat, lifeless wine that loses its pretty, vibrant fruit scents and tastes insipid — it will likely remind you of vinegar. The trained eye will also often notice a certain dullness in the color. In whites, it can be light to dark yellow or even brownish.

When one says a wine is “maderized,” it has been literally baked. It actually tastes like Madeira and is reminiscent of almonds and candied fruits — admirable qualities in dessert wines but unacceptable in dry wines. You may also notice, in the unopened bottle, that the cork is pushed partly out of the neck (due to expansion).

Occasionally, some residual, dormant yeasts will wake up, and a wine will undergo a second fermentation after it has been released and shipped. This manifests itself as effervescence, or fizziness, on the tongue. 

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