Limoncello and other new products.

September, 2012

New Selection International Argentine Malbec With Grapeskins

New Limoncello Liqueur Kits

New Mini Mash Beer Recipe Kits

New Mangrove Jack’s Beer Kits

New Mangrove Jack’s Sparkling Cider Kits

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We are happy to introduce the following new products, now available at DiVine Wines.

NEW-Argentine Malbec With Grape Skins

Juicier than the Argentine Tango! (Rich, Ripe and Spicy)

Argentina is known for its Malbec and one sip of this spicy new offering from Selection International with Grape Skins will show you why. Medium/full-bodied with ripe fruit flavours, firm acidity, rich tannins, and intriguingly spicy notes make for a luscious medley of aromas and flavours.

Start one in our store before September 29th and receive a FREE set of 30 wine bottles valued at over $35.

Click here for more information and pricing on this amazing new variety.

NEW-Limoncello Liqueur Kits

Introducing new Limoncello from the Icon line of Ready Mix Liqueur Kits from New Zealand.

Limoncello is a liqueur produced with lemons from the Amalfi Coast.  It has a very fresh lemon citrus flavour with a good balance of sweetness and alcohol. 

Making liqueurs has never been easier.  Icon Liqueurs are ready in an instant. Just pour pouch contents into a 750 mL bottle, top up with vodka, shake and serve. Each pouch makes 750 mL (26 oz) of liqueur. 

Also available from Icon Liqueurs: Herbal Liqueur (Jäger style), Amaretto, Irish Cream, Coconut Rum, Cafelua, Black Raspberry Royal, Nero di Calabria (liquorice), Aranncello (orange), Peach Schnapps, and Black Sambuca.  Only $7.99 per kit.  NO TAX!

NEW-Custom Mini Mash Beer Recipe Kits

Craft your own beer, right from the grains!  Each custom recipe kit includes: crushed grain, extracts, hops, yeast, grain bag, priming sugar and complete instructions. No extra sugar to add.

Choose from: Northern Lights Canadian Beer, Piccadilly Porter, Rory’s Red Irish Ale, Beeman’s Honey Brown Ale, Cascade West Coast Pale Ale, 1820 British IPA, Best Coast IPA (1/2 pound of hops!), and Silly Yak Gluten Free Beer. 

All Recipes yield 23 Liters of beer.  Boiling required.  $40 to $50 per kit.  NO TAX!

NEW-Mangrove Jack’s Traditional Series Beer Kits

Made in New Zealand, Mangrove Jack’s Traditional Series Beer Kits are packaged in new nitrogen purged, cold filled foil pouches using the latest nitrogen technology to provide ultimate contamination protection.  This low temperature packaging process retains the delicate flavours traditionally lost during the pasteurization of cans.  Taste the difference.  It’s “un-canny”.

Choose from: Northern Bitter, Blonde Lager, Pilsner, Export Stout, Brown Ale, Lager, and Pale Ale.  Only $19.99 per kit.  NO TAX! 

Also available in the Mangrove Jack’s Premium British Series line of Beer Kits: Yorkshire Bitter, Lager, Pilsner, Irish Stout, Nut Brown Ale, India Pale Ale, Wheat Beer, and Mild. 

Formulated from superior malts and hops specifically sourced from renowned beer regions, each MJ Premium British Series Beer Kit contains more malt extract for richer taste, and comes with a specific yeast strain selected to give amazing “true to style” character.  Only $29.99 per premium kit.  NO TAX!

Each Manrove Jack’s Beer Kit makes 23 Liters and requires the addition of 1 kg of corn sugar or malt.

NEW-Mangrove Jack’s Sparkling Cider Kits

Also from New Zealand, new Mangrove Jack’s Cider Kits make 23 liters of delicious Sparkling Apple or Sparkling Pear Cider.

APPLE CIDER: Fresh, fruity and full of flavour so deliciously easy to drink with a crisp sweetness. A traditional sparkling Apple Cider. Light and refreshing.

PEAR CIDER: The finest quality pears and essences give a beautiful sweet taste and aroma that extends from the very first contact with your nostrils right through to the aftertaste. Light in colour and refreshingly crisp taste and aroma.  Only $49.99 per Sparkling Cider Kit.  NO TAX!


That’s all for now.  Watch for more exciting new products arriving in the future!


Trevor Jordan (Owner/Passionate Winemaker)

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