March Newsletter

March, 2010

March Specials

Limited Edition Update

New Products

Customer Rewards Program

Beer Anyone?

Pure Water Refills

Dear %displayname%,

Welcome to March!  It looks like it’s “in like a lion” so far.  Don’t get discouraged though.  Spring is just around the corner and before you know it, we’ll all be sipping wines on our decks & patios to the smell of the BBQ. 


Trevor Jordan (Owner)

March Specials

The following varieties are currently $10.00 OFF.

Vintners Reserve Mezza Luna Red.  Reg. $79.95 take home, $149.99 in-store.  Now $69.95 take home, $139.99 in store.

Vintners Reserve Mezza Luna White.  Reg. $79.95 take home, $149.99 in-store.  Now $69.95 take home, $139.99 in-store.

World Vineyard Australian Murray River Reserve.  Reg. $89.95 take home, $159.99 in-store.  Now $79.95 take home, $149.99 in-store.

World Vineyard Chilean Malbec.  Reg 89.95 take home, $159.99 in-store.  Now $79.95 take home, $149.99 in-store

Limited Edition Update

The fourth round of this year’s Limited Edition wine kits, Pacific Quartet, are now in our store.  This is by far the most anticipated of all of this years Limited Edition line-up.  Many of you remember just how good this wine was when it was first released in March, 2007.  Those who pre-ordered this special wine kit can stop by to pick up or mix your wine(s) at your earliest convenience.  For those who missed the pre-order deadline back in December, not to worry, we have extras on hand.  Price per wine kit is $131.95 take home, and $194.99 made in store.  Read about all five Limited Edition wine kits HERE. 

BONUS:  Mix any regular stocked wine kit in our store on the same day as your Limited Edition and take 20% OFF the second kit.  This is a bonus savings of $13 to $36 depending on the quality of the second wine kit chosen. 

Note:  We currently have several pre-ordered Limited Editions from January on our floor.  California Lake County Trio Blanca and South African Shiraz.  If you have one or more of these wine kits reserved, please contact us ASAP to verify that you still want them.     

New Products

This April, Winexpert will introduce two exciting and delicious new additions to the Island Mist family: Twisted Mist Cocktails.  Twisted Mist makes 30 bottles of the world’s first consumer-made, ready-to-drink cocktail.  Just chill, pour and enjoy!  A perfect complement to summertime BBQ’s and back yard patio or pool parties. 

Prepare to get “twisted” this summer with two great flavors to choose from; Strawberry Margarita and Mojito.  Available early April, these special kits will only be available for a limited time and pre-ordering is strongly recommended.

Twisted Mist finishes at 12% ABV (alcohol by volume) and therefore, will require no addition of extra alcohol to give the “kick” expected from traditional cocktails.

Price per Cocktail kit is $79.95 take home or $149.99 made in store.  This is a great deal considering that trendy cocktail bars charge up to $10/drink for cocktails like these; and similar bottled, premixed cocktail products are available for $18 to $20 per 750 ml bottle at the liquor store.

If you would like to pre-order either of these unique cocktail kits, please give us a call @ 465-8466 or email before April 1st.

Customer Rewards Program

Commencing March 1st, 2010, we will be implementing a new “Customer Loyalty Rewards Program”.  With this program, each time you purchase a regular priced wine kit, you will receive a credit toward a wine count.  Once your wine count reaches 12, the next one is FREE!  It’s that simple. 

NOTE:  Reward program applies to regular priced wine kits only.  Wine kits purchased at a discount or on-sale will not count as a credit toward a free kit. 

Beer Anyone?

In the past, we have been asked by several customers why we don’t offer the option of making beer in our store the same way we offer winemaking.  We are currently exploring this as an addition to our services offered and would like your feedback.  If you feel that a “Beer-on-Premise” facility is something that you would be interested in, please let us know. 

A move like this would require a considerable investment and therefore can not be entered into lightly.  Your feedback on this issue is important to us.  If we get enough interest, we will explore this option in greater depth.  Please respond with any comments via email by April 1st.

Pure Water Refills

For those who don’t already know this, we offer pure water refills in our store.  We have our own in-house reverse osmosis water purification system used to purify the water used in our winemaking process.  We have a dispenser just inside our door and customers are welcome to bring in any size container to be refilled.  Price per refill is $0.50/4Liter, $1.25/10Liter, and $2.50/18.9Liter.  We offer pre-paid water cards for 18.9 L refills with every 10th refill FREE!  This brings the cost per 18.9 L refill down to only $2.25.  It’s the best deal in town!  

We also sell new 4L, 10L and 18.9L water bottles.  Purchase a new water bottle and The first refill is always FREE!