More New Arrivals For Spring.

April 2013

More New Arrivals For Spring.

More New Arrivals For Spring

April Limited Edition

The fifth and final Selection Limited Edition wine is now in stock at our store.  Italian Nebbiolo with grapeskins.

If you pre-ordered one of these wines back in December, stop by or call (506)465-8466 at your earliest convenience to make arrangements for pick-up or mixing.

If you missed the pre-order deadline, but would like to purchase one of these special wines for your cellar, we have a few extras on hand.  Don’t wait too long though.  They’ll go fast and once they’re gone, they will not be available again.  Click the link above for more info on each wine available in this year’s Limited Edition line-up.

Only $225 per batch made in our store ($7.50 per bottle).



Back by popular demand and for a limited time only, Festa Brew Mexican Cerveza is now available at our shop.

This Mexican style cerveza is a very pale coloured lager with a light mouth feel. It has a low hop bitterness with a crisp and dry overall flavour. A highly refreshing and clean tasting summer beer.

Starting Gravity (SG) – 1040

Finishing Gravity (FG) – 1006

International Bittering Units (IBU’s) – 9

Alcohol (ABV) – approximately 4.5%

If you pre-ordered one or more of these Premium Quality Beer Kits, stop by or call 465-8466 to arrange for pick up or mixing and bottling on-site.

Only $85 per beer kit made in our store ($15.24 per dozen).  $45 per kit take home.  Yields 23 Liters (5 1/2 dozen X 341 mL bottles).

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