New And Improved World Vineyard

July, 2012

New And Improved World Vineyard.

New And Improved World Vineyard

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Following months of testing, tasting and refining formulations, Winexpert is pleased to announce the launch of the new and improved World Vineyard line of value brand, 4-week wine kits!  These wines have undergone significant transformations to improve varietal flavour and aroma. 

The new World Vineyard improvements include:

  • True to style varietal flavour.
  • Enhanced aromatics.
  • Fuller mouth-feel and weight from improved balance
  • Improved tannin components and profile appropriate to the wine style.
  • Enhanced fermentation characteristics, including optimal fermentation rates.
  • Adjusted alcohol levels with an average increase of approximately 1% to 2% for enhanced sensory impact.
  • Optimized oak character for improved structure and body.

You can be assured the new World Vineyard will live up to Winexpert’s quality reputation, and will most definitely satisfy your high expectations.  Available now at DiVine Wines!


Out With The Old, In With The New!

In order to make room for all the newly formulated World Vineyard wine kits, we have to clear out all remaining stock of the old World Vineyard wine kits.  While supplies last only, take 10% OFF any single OR buy one, get one 25% OFF all remaining old stock World Vineyard wine kits.  Regular $90 each, you save $9 to $22.50 off your order.  Regular on-premise wine-making fee applies to all wines made in our store.  Call (506)465-8466 or email to reserve your favorites before they’re all gone.

Click here to see the entire old World Vineyard line-up.