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August 2013


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Attention Hard Cider Lovers!  Many of you already know just how good our Sparkling Hard Apple and Pear Ciders are, but did you know that now you can enjoy three exciting new flavors of Hard Cider?  That’s right, Mangrove Jacks now offers a total of five Craft Series Sparkling Hard Cider Kits to choose from, and here they are:

  • Recipe # 1 – Apple Cider:  The taste of delicious orchard apples, light and crisp with a juicy apple bite.  Enjoy any time, chilled or on ice.  ABV: Approx 5.2%;  Style: Sweet;  Colour: Gold.
  • Recipe # 2 – Pear Cider:  From the juiciest pears comes the best pear cider. This cider has a sweet mellow pear flavour which satisfies any thirst.  ABV: Approx 4.7%;  Style: Sweet;  Colour: Clear.  GLUTEN FREE!
  • Recipe # 3 – Strawberry/Pear Cider:  Fresh strawberries coupled with juicy pear.  This cider is sweet and fruity, especially good when served chilled on a hot summer’s eve.  ABV: Approx 4.7%;  Style: Sweet;  Colour: Pink.  GLUTEN FREE!
  • Recipe # 4 – Mixed Berry Cider:  A sweet apple base with a refreshing burst of summer berries including delicious raspberries and blackcurrants.  Serve over ice.  ABV: Approx 5.6%;  Style: Sweet;  Colour: dark pink.
  • Recipe # 5 – Spiced Apple Cider:  Crisp cider apples coupled with cinnamon and spice.  Best served warm on a cool winter’s eve.  ABV: Approx 5.2%;  Style: Sweet;  Colour: Clear Gold.

Each Mangrove Jack’s cider variety has been formulated with only the freshest and best quality fruit which is then pressed and concentrated using state of the art evaporators, and then cold filled into a pouch.  All this effort ensures preservation of the natural flavour of the fruit, giving you cider which is fresh, crisp and especially good on a hot summer’s day.  If you don’t like eating apples, just remember “a cider a day also keeps the doctor away”.

All Mangrove Jacks Hard Cider Kits: $49.99 each (no tax).  Yields 23 liters (6 US gallons).  Ready to drink in 4 weeks.


Choose any two Sparkling Hard Cider Kits to be made in our store and pay only one Cider processing fee.  That’s a $35 savings! 

Offer expires: Saturday, August 17/2013. 

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