New Wines Coming In July!

June, 2014

New Wines Coming In July

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New Wines Coming In July

Introducing NEW Skinny Mist – an industry first, and only from Winexpert.

Low calorie alcoholic beverages have been experiencing explosive growth since 2010, driven by brands like Skinny Girl, Skinny Vine and Skinny Grape.  Winexpert is now on board, bringing Skinny to the consumer-made wine industry with the launch of new SKINNY MIST Low Calorie Wine Kits. 

They’re fruit infused wines that are anything but skinny on flavor.  They’ve paired the refreshing notes of fresh fruit with crisp and juicy varietals for an incredible taste that’s less than 80 calories per 5oz serving.  So go ahead and enjoy, these Mist Wines are Skinny Jeans Approved! 

Available this July, Skinny Mist will be offered in three delicious and refreshing flavors:

Slight White – Tropical Riesling

Leaner Traminer: Peach Gewurztraminer

Merlittle Merlot: Blackberry Merlot

Be one of the first to get your hands these new wines when they arrive in July.  Call (506) 465-8466 or email to reserve yours now.  $140 per batch made in-store ($4.67 per bottle).

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