Pure Water Refills

January 27/2012

Pure Water Refills

Pure Water Refills

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Just a reminder that DiVine Wines offers pure water refills too.  Our water goes through 5 stages of purification, including reverse osmosis, carbon filtration and ultraviolet light treatment to ensure the best quality drinking water for you. 

If high water delivery costs, boil orders and e-coli bacteria have you concerned, consider bottling your own water at a trusted source.  Our water purifying system is closely monitored with regular testing and scheduled filter replacements, because at DiVine Wines, pure water is essential in producing wines of the utmost quality. 

18.9-Liter pure water refills are only $2.50 each.  Purchase a pre-paid water punch card and save even more (only $22.50 for 10 refills with punch card).  10-liter refills are $1.25 and 4-liter refills are only $0.50 each.  We are the lowest price in town!  In fact, our water prices haven’t changed in over 5 years.

As always, we offer FREE water bottle sanitizing upon request and we’ll even carry those heavy water bottles to your car if needed.  Now that’s service!

On-site Reverse Osmosis water treatment system provided by the Water Experts at Culligan.