Vote for new 2012 custom label designs.

February 08/2012


Vote For Your Favorite New Wine Label Designs For 2012

MacDay Label Systems, our custom label provider, is seeking input from retailers and customers alike who use their labels for their winemaking.  Below is a letter from MacDay owner Kim MacGowan. 

Dear Trevor,


You are invited to VOTE for labels to be added to the MacDay Collection and be entered to win a prize. There will be 10 winners this year, so invite your employees and customers to vote too, being sure to indicate your store name.


Please click on the link below to go to the voting page.  We have 17 potential designs offered on clear vinyl or dry peel adhesive on paper with raised varnish.


Thank you for participating in the continued success of MacDay Label Systems!


Click here to view new label designs for voting!


Voting closes on February 14, 2012.




If you choose to participate in the voting process, please be sure to type DiVine Wines, St. Stephen, NB in the “your store name” box on the submission form.  If your submission is chosen, DiVine Wines wins a free roll of labels and you win a $20.00 gift card from our store.  It’s a real Win-Win.  GOOD LUCK!

Trevor Jordan (Owner / Passionate Winemaker)