West Coast IPA Returns!

August, 2013

West Coast IPA

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West Coast IPA Returns

Festa Brew is preparing to release their next Brewmaster’s Reserve Seasonal Specialty Beer of 2013.  As usual at this time of year they will be releasing their West Coast IPA

This is a strong, North American-style India Pale Ale with a pronounced malt character and abundant hop flavours and aromas. This beer has a flavour profile that is second to none in the realm of U-brewing.  Deep gold in colour, this craftbrewed classic will please even the most discerning ale aficionado.

OG: 1.0560 – 1.0600, FG: 1.0120 – 1.0160, Yeast: Safale US-56, Bitterness: 46 IBU, pH: 5.04, Colour: 14 SRM.

Festa Brew West Coast IPA will be available early September 2013.  As with all Brewmaster’s Reserve Specialty Beer kits, they will be available in very limited supply.  In order to gauge how many to reserve, we are now taking pre-orders for this special beer.  If you would like to have one or more reserved for yourself, please have your pre-orders submitted to us by August 23rd, 2013.  Call (506)465-8466 or email divinewines@nb.aibn.com to reserve yours today.  $45 each take home, $85 each made in-store.  Yields 23 Liters (5 1/2 dozen 12 oz bottles).

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