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October, 2012

Introducing ECLIPSE

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The wait is over…The elements are aligned…Your ECLIPSE is here!

Introducing ECLIPSE From Winexpert

A Rare Experience in Nature and Wine

An elipse is one of nature’s most spectacular events: a rare occurrence well worth the wait.  The essence of this phenomena is captured in Winexpert’s new Eclipse Wines, showcasing popular varietals from some of the world’s greatest vineyards and wine regions.  Delivering depth of character, aroma and complexity, Eclipse perfects the delicate balance of tannin, luscious fruit and acidity using 100% pure varietal grape juice.  Like a perfectly aligned eclipse, the elements of Winexpert’s Eclipse combine to produce powerful, full-bodied wines of intense structure, inspiring flavour and stature.

Experiencing an Eclipse

  • Flavour: Eclipse has the highest volume of single strength grape juice and varietal content of any Winexpert wine kit past or present.  18 liters to be exact.
  • Character: Added varietal specific grape skins in most of the red wines delivers outstanding varietal character, structure, tannin and intensity of flavour.
  • Ageability: Eclipse wines drink well young at 3 months and deliver full character and complexity at 6 months and beyond.
  • Aroma: Dual yeast activity in some white wines ensures outstanding aromatics.
  • Complexity: Two stage oaking process for some red wines ensures optimal complexity and flavour appropriate to each style.
  • Structure: Premium tannins and optimized alcohol levels deliver full-bodied, structured wines with increased mouthfeel and sensory impact.

With all the enhancements and improvements incorporated into these wine kits, we’re confident Eclipse Wines will compare very favorably to your favorite high end commercial wine (at a much lower cost to you).  At DiVine Wines, we think everyone should experience an Eclipse…at least once in their lifetime.  Your Eclipse is here!

Special Introductory Offer:

Now you can experience your own Eclipse and save $$ too!  For a limited time, purchase any new Eclipse Ultra-Premium Wine Kit at the now discontinued Selection Estate Series price.  Regular $175 take-home, $250 made in-store, now only $160 take-home, $235 made in-store.

Offer expires: November 10/2012


Our LE 2012 Wine Tasting Event is scheduled for the evening of November 8th and among many other great prizes, one lucky attendee will win an Eclipse of their choice.  Wine tasting tickets still available.  Call 465-VINO(8466) before November 6th to reserve yours.

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