“How much does it cost to make wine in your store?”
Prices range according to the quality level of the wine kit chosen.  Broken down to price per bottle, our wines range from $4.67 to $8.33 per bottle.

“How long does the process take?”
We have 4, 6 and 8 week wine kits available to choose from.  The higher quality wine kits we offer take longer to finish and will benefit more from extended aging in the bottle once you get them home.

“You’re located in Canada and I live in the US.  Can I still use your facility in which to make my wine?
Yes.  We currently have several customers from Maine and as far away as Connecticut who make their own wines in our store and report back that they have hassle free returns through customs with their finished wines.  Even with the lower cost of wines on the American side, our US customers say they are still saving money by using our service.

“Is it any good?”

Please see  testimonial  section.