Michael O’Keefe and Holly Petrie, St. Andrews, NB

We recently moved to St. Andrews. As a welcoming gift, our neighbours gave us a bottle of wine that they made at DiVine Wines. We were so impressed that we went to DiVine Wines to start some wine for ourselves. That’s when we discovered that they offer Beer Kits made on-premise too. So we decided to try some beer as well. We chose the Blonde Lager and the Brown Ale. After two weeks, they were ready for bottling. We let them sit for two more weeks, then tried some of each. They were both incredibly rich, flavourful and refreshing. Now we are working on a third batch, the Continental Pilsner. DiVine Wines is just a treasure. Trevor and his staff make everything fun and easy. The quality is amazing and it is all so affordable. I used to work for a winery, but I never thought I could make such good wine so easily. And now we can make our own beer, too. Our only problem? Should we have wine or beer tonight!